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Our Promises to You      

We blend the principles of good design with knowledge of soils, hydrology, light conditions, and native plants to create unique and beautiful gardens full of life and ever-changing in color and form.

Whether yours is a simple curbside planting or a larger outdoor space where hardscapes complement plantings, Red Stem’s mission is to make sure you are absolutely delighted with your new garden—and that you stay that way for years to come. Here’s what we bring to that mission:

Passion for what we do. We simply love creating gardens and outdoor spaces that showcase the trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers that are native to our region. We get ridiculously happy when a client reports sighting 37 bird species in one summer in her little city backyard. We hear it all the time because that’s what happens when you provide native habitat.

Determination to please you. We listen closely—even if you don’t say much—to find the sweet spot where the charms and benefits of native plantings and sustainable building practices meet your sense of aesthetics and your needs and desires. We take into account your architecture and the surrounding light, water, soils, and contours, to provide a garden unique to you and your home. Then we stay in communication—at every stage of your project.

Respect for you, your neighbors, and the environment. We make every attempt to solve your problems, bring you the beauty of the natural world, and provide lasting value, leaving your environment healthier for you and your family and friends.

What Red Stem can do for You:      

Red Stem Native Landscapes will build a garden that will make you and your family happy! Our projects include:

  • Rain gardens
  • Butterfly and pollinator gardens
  • Gardens on clay, sand, or gravel
  • Gardens for shade, sun, and partial sun
  • Stone and brick work
  • Pergolas and trellises
  • Rain barrels and cisterns
  • Compost tea applications

The Conservation Foundation Certification      

Red Stem Native Landscapes, Inc., is authorized to certify gardens on behalf of The Conservation Foundation, a Naperville-based education and conservation organization established in 1973 to preserve open land and promote conservation.

The Foundation’s Conservation @Home and Conservation @Work certifications allow homeowners and businesses to post a TCF sign signifying their property has eco-friendly landscape features and letting passersby learn about how their landscapes benefit wildlife and promote water conservation efforts. Red Stem helps extend the reach of the program into Cook and Lake counties.