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Our gardens will delight you, naturally! Let us show you how. 

WE LISTEN TO YOUR IDEAS AND DREAMS FOR YOUR GARDEN WHILE SHARING OUR ENTHUSIASM FOR WHAT WE DO. What we propose will reflect our conversation and the vision of a garden singing with life as your beautiful plants attract and serve the butterflies, bees, and birds with which they evolved. We build it, they will come! We also create special places for you to sit and enjoy your garden with friends and family, or all by yourself. 

WE COMBINE ALL THE FACTORS. How we build your garden and the plants we choose take into account the attributes of the plants, the characteristics of your soil, the way water behaves on your property, your home’s architecture, and your personal needs and tastes. The Chicago region includes sand, clay, silt, and gravel soils; hills, flat areas, and ravines; swamps, beaches, prairies, bogs, and more. This rich heritage has left us with a suite of native plants for pretty much every soil, light, and most moisture situation. 

Advantages of a Red Stem Native Landscapes garden: 

WATER MANAGEMENT AND CLEANSING. Once established, our gardens need no watering in dry areas and their roots act like sponges in areas that flood.The combination of deep and fibrous roots of a well-planted native garden draw water down to the water table instead of letting water and surface pollutants wash into our sewer systems and ultimately our waterways. The soil organisms clean that water on its way down, too! 

SUPPORT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Our gardens require no fertilizers or other harsh chemicals to survive. Native plant roots build healthy soil…sometimes we say that’s because they’re not addicted to drugs (AKA the harsh chemicals many use in their gardens that harm the microbiology of our soils). For soils requiring initial enhancement to get the plants started, we employ compost tea, compost, and other organic amendments, not petroleum-based, toxic additives. 

CARBON SEQUESTRATION. The deep roots of perennial native prairie plants pull the carbon used in photosynthesis down into the soil as their deep root systems are built, enriching the soil while cleansing the air.

WILDLIFE HABITAT. A garden full of turf grass and exotic plants may as well be a desert, as far as a majority of our insects are concerned. Yet without these insects, our local and migrating birds cannot feed their young. Red Stem’s gardens are full of life and we are never happier than when a customer reports dozens of bird species visiting each season, even in tiny backyards. And butterflies. Who needs to sell the charm of these wonderful creatures? We celebrate the bit of nibbling bugs may do in our gardens. It means they are a functioning part of the ecosystem!

MONEY SAVINGS. Though an initial planting can cost more than a lawn to install, your landscape will be ready for everything the harsh Midwestern climate brings, without need for constant mowing, additional water, and expensive, toxic chemical applications. You will be adding value to your property and saving money while you enjoy all the other benefits of a Red Stem garden.

Let’s work together to plan your garden!

Call for a consultation today at 773-454-4800

Consultations are one hour and cost $90.

Serving Chicago’s North Side and near suburbs.

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